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How it all started

ICSTPS Alfa- Metal was founded 14 Years ago by former SOF members to address the need of special training for professionals due to demand by the security sector.

The company quickly gained popularity on the market and established great long-term partnerships with security companies in the USA, Russia, Israel, Europe, Africa and others.

ICSTPS Alfa- Metal is proud with its reputation of an international training institution and its certificates are a proof for high level of training and professionalism.

The courses offered by the company cover vast range of professional roles within the security industry.

Superior Training

Vast Knowledge

Combat experience

Trained by the best

Superior training. Vast knowledge. Combat experience. These are the main qualities a student should be able to see in their instructor. If they are able to see those qualities, they can entrust him with their life as this is exactly what’s happening. Believe it or not, in this line of business the quality of knowledge may save your life. Period.

We strongly believe special skills courses can only be lead by combat-tested instructors. Precisely, people who have participated in action at modern warfare theaters and seen combat first hand. This is the reason, why our courses are lead by former and active Special forces members of units such as lfa Antiterror Russia; Special Air Service (SAS); US Navy SEALs; S.W.A.T; IDF; 68 Brigade Special operations; Marine Corp., Krapoviy Beret, Green Berrets to name but a few. They come from Israel, Russia, USA, United Kingdom, Bulgaria and other countries and will do their best to pass on all of their knowledge.


Our company perfectly well understands all the modern requirements for highly trained professionals. We value and support everyone of our students and guarantee superior level of training. Our training programs are designed in accordance with the international standards. The courses completely cover the whole set of criteria as stated by ICoCA and other assosiations in the security industry.

Our Guarantee

ICSTPS Alfa – Metal courses meet the requirements of everyone. From students without experience to well trained professionals who are looking to upgrade their skills, we got you covered.

We guarantee that training with us will provide the students with superior set of knowledge and tactical skillset.

Successful completion of training will in turn guarantee the students the confidence and the right mindset and attitude to tackle any challenge in front of them.

Threats to security such as global terrorism and cross-border crimes are constantly increasing on international scale. With easy access to IT technology and infrastructure and ability to purchase free floating weapons from the black market, the hostile parties are almost constantly a step ahead.

In our modern times, no institution or people groups are safe from terror attacks. This is why security professionals and organisations have to constantly strive for latest in skills and technology so they have the confidence and superiority when countering threats.

Main purpose of the courses provided by ICSTPS Alfa Metal is to conduct training sessions where students are brought as close to real scenarios as possible, so they can build the right mindset, key skills and confidence required from security professional.


International training network

Since 2017, we at ICSTPS Alfa Metal have significantly increased our operations in terms of providing of training services to various organisations and individuals around the world.

For that reason we have created subsidiary company, based in Kiev, Ukraine in order to be able to answer to the regional demand for specialized training.

We perfectly well realize the constant demand for highly trained professionals in the field of security all around the world. This is the reason why we have never stopped working hard towards establishing our own training centers around the world.


Your success. Our reputation

We always feel great satisfaction, when we learn of successful tasks completed by professionals, who have come up to us for their training needs over time.

We always keep close contact with everyone, who has passed through our training programs and we are always ready to help with expert advice, individual training program and anything else our students may need in their line of duty.

All of our training programs are internaitonally recognized and comply with International Code of Conduct for Private Security Providers ( ICoCA )

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