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How it all started


ALFA – METAL was founded in 2006 by ex-Military Special Forces members. The academy is internationally recognized and fully licensed, specialized in the providing of practical, special firearms training programs for security, law enforcement and military professionals as well as civilians. IBTA Alfa-Metal is private and leading NAVET (National Agency for Vocational Education and Training) – specialized body, attached to the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Bulgaria. Established in accordance with the Law for Vocational Education and Training, the company operates under licence № 200612335/21.06.2006 and licence № 2014121178/08.01.2015.

The company is an authorized NATO and UN service provider and as such is accredited to issue diplomas, certificates and Europass, all recognized by the EU and the world community. The courses offered by the company cover every aspect of the roles within the private and security sector.

Alfa-Metal is in partnership agreements to present and offer its services to companies with a high reputation from the UK, Russia, the United States, Israel, Greece, Ukraine and others.

Since 2008, MBTA Alfa-Metal is top training center of some of the largest companies’ security personnel in the world such as Armor Group, G4S, Gazprom and many others. Since then, the center has trained more than 5,000 government and private sector professional members, including embassy security, presidential security, private military contractors, private military companies and other entities from the United States, Britain, Spain, Greece, Russia, Israel, Kazakhstan, the Netherlands and others.

Proud founder and organizer of the international Commando Challenge, which is held every year on the territory of the company’s base in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. Some of the participants are the most elite structures of the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of Defense and the Navy of the Republic of Bulgaria, as well as foreign structures from these departments.

Superior Training

Vast Knowledge

Combat experience

IBTA Alfa-Metal Provides:

• Training, which is carried out in IBTA Alfa-Metal, meets all European and World requirements and standards. Our own base is specially designed so that all kinds of training can be carried out on its territory
• Training programs for security, law enforcement and military professionals as well as civilians
• Specialized training using the unification of different methodical systems
• Training and refreshment training of operators and employees, working in the sphere of protection and security on different kinds of specialties:
• Static Site Security / Physical Protection of Sites
• Cash and Valuables in Transit /Bank Security and Collection Activity
• Bodyguard training
• Close protection CPO
• Defensive driving
• Private Military Contractor PMC
• Israeli Combat Shooting
• Tactical shooting
• Maritime Security
• Diver Preparation – CMAS 1*, 2* and 3*
• Special VIP Security Driver Training
• Hostile Environment High Risk Zones training

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• Shooting Instructor training
• Mobile Patrol teams training
• Training of security personnel from different specialized units of the governmental structures
• Installation and maintenance of security systems
• Installation and maintenance of CCTV and fire alarms
• Installation and maintenance of GPS systems
• Training and refreshment in shooting (using short and long rifled firearms, defensive shooting) in IPSC methodic and other.
• Hand – to- hand combat – unique defense system used worldwide by elite special units – USA, Russia, etc.
• First Aid / Tactical Medicine /MIRA /FPOS
• Tactical Vehicle Driving
• Firearms Safety usage
• Personal safety in everyday life and in Hostile Environment areas
• Legal preparing and practical advices
• Specialized Psychological Selection

Depending on the course specifications, training methods, different scenarios and most appropriate programs and instructors are always selected for each training. There is an option for personal training, built according to the needs and requirements of the client.

IBTA Alfa-Metal is unique training center not only in Bulgaria, but also to the whole of Europe. The company is the licensed owner of its facilities, Aircraft, firearms and equipment.

Built on over 300 000 sq.m, all facilities are located in one place, so students are not made to travel to different locations for the different stages of their training.

The entire base of IBTA Alfa-Metal can be rented out for practical and tactical training of any kind, as well as other goals and events as long as they are approved and authorized according to the rules of the company and in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Bulgaria.

If you like the facilities of IBTA Alfa-Metal and find them the right place to conduct your training, you can rent them and we are here to help you!


Our training facilites offer the following:

– Outdoor opened-air shooting range – used for practicing of vast variety of shooting drills and scenarios in all weather conditions.

– CQB (Close Quarters Battle) Village – its unique design allow for training of many combat scenarios in closed buildings and other modern urban warfare scenarios.

– Fully licensed airport “Alfa-Metal” – The whole Alfa Metal Airport complex with its adjacent infrastructure, administration buildings, hangars and concrete runway is located near the training grounds and outdoor shooting range.

Airport can also be booked for special training events such as Convoy/Escort training activities, Defensive / Offensive driving training, fixed post / Patrol training and vast range of other training scenarios.

Our Airport can be booked for training with helicopters and small aircraft. The Airport has on its disposal two own Aircraft – Piper P38 Tomahawk and Piper 34 Seneca – both of which will soon be available to conduct training for PPL and CPL pilot licenses.

Obstacle Course – Based entirely on the training system used by US SWAT, our Obstacle Course offers a variety of obstacles to students in order to test and help developing their physical training. It is a well-known fact that good physical shape is one of the mandatory elements that must be possessed by security and safety professionals. Our strip is an extremely important part of our training programs in connection with the physical shape of the students, as it is intelligently combined with the strengthening of tight organization, friendly relations and teamwork.

Weaponry arsenal:

Pistols – Glock 17,CZ 75 , Makarov, Margolin, Walther and more.

Rifles – Semi-automatic rifles SAR-SF (AK), M4 carbine , Maverick shotgun,SVD Dragunov , etc.

FX Simunition system – an unique system that gives you the chance to train tactical scenarios that are very close to the reality – FX System for Glock 17, CZ 75 compac, SAR, AK47, M4 carbine

Airsoft Firearms – pistols, submachine guns, etc. (MP5, M4, Glock 17, Sig Sauer, АК-47).


Our Partners and Customers:

IBTA Alfa-Metal is a company with traditions in security training and services, spanning over 15 years. We have trained numerous operatives in variety of security specialties, MSO, PMC, CPO and many others.

We know that supporting each other and having an established network of partners internationally, makes it a lot easier to operate, especially in our line of business.

This is why we can proudly say that throughout the years, we have established many solid and trustworthy partnerships with high-end reputable companies in the security industry around the world.

Metal Tour Ltd., Bulgaria
Metal Security Group Ltd., Bulgaria
Black Sea Scuba Diving Center, Bulgaria
Alpha Prestige International Group Ltd., Russia
Russian Hand-to-Hand Combat Federation IZVOR
Organizations Association in Republic of Kazakhstan
Armor Group, Eurasia
G4S, Russia
Hydrostroy, Varna city, Bulgaria
Odesos Guard, Varna city, Bulgaria
Overseas Horizon Ltd., Bulgaria
INSA Ltd., Bulgaria
Gazprom International B.V.the Netherlands
Coca Cola , Greece
Chipita S.A. Greece
ZAO Gazprom Zarubezhneftegaz, Russia,
Kurganskoe Avtotransportnoe Predpriatie- Russia,
Orienbank OJSC, Republic of Tajikistan,
OOO ChOP SAYGA, Republic of Armenia

Groups of individuals from Bulgaria Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Russia, Lithuania, Armenia, Greece, Italy and other EU countries

Our reputation is our integrity. We do not compromise!

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