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We present to you our affiliated company Alfa Metal  in Ukraine, which is specialized in  training of people for work in  high risk areas and reactions against attacks with high performance complexity.

During the training,are used the latest  tactical and fire training methods, built on the specifics of the latest  military conflicts in the world. Our instructors’ team consists of veterans of the special division ”A”, which  allows them to work like a team and to pass on their experience to the people who  train.

All the instructors have rich background in Iraq, Libya and Ukraine.For the conduct of specialized courses, we invite veterans from the special departments of USA.

During the training, we provid a full set of equipment, necessary for working in high-risk areas, weapons, ammunition and transport.

At the end of the course, students receive the following diplomas: a governemnt certificate from Republic of Bulgaria and EuroPass, recognized in all European countries.

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If you require us to conduct training in your country, get in touch with us.

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