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ALFA-METAL Facility rent

The outdoor tactical shooting range and polygon together with the Airport and runway of Alfa- Metal is available for rental . Alfa-Metal facility  may be rent fully or partly  for practical and tactical trainings , or other special needs.

We have everything you need including weapons, targets, ammunition, eye and ear protection , vehicles and a safety officer will be on the facility all the time, to make sure you are comfortable with your stay with us.

We pride ourselves on our incredible staff . Come on in and experience it for yourself.

Our Facility is modern, safe and comfortable. It includes outdoor shooting range , airport facility with a runway, CQB buildings, obstacle path and other training blocks.

We have an assortment of semi-automatic pistols and rifles available at our shooting range rental section together with a specialized training equipment. Our firearm rental inventory allows customers to try many different weapon systems.

What do I need to do when I get there?

Please STOP at our office first, to do some paper work. Every new person must fill it out, before you can continue.

How does it work?

If I am New to shooting, have never properly shot a firearm before or it has been a while since my last experience and I could use some proper instruction, will you teach me? Yes. Here at Alfa- Metal we are all about firearms safety and proper handling of firearms. Please let us know, and we will ensure an instructor for you.

Can I take Pictures/Video?

Yes you can.  Please try not to get other shooters in your photos/videos. Most importantly, if posing with the firearm, keep the Muzzle Pointed Down the Range and your Finger Indexed Off the Trigger. You can use our Photographer.

What should I wear?
People should wear closed-toed footwear and shirts that are not low cut to avoid getting burned by spent shell casings.

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If you require us to conduct training in your country, get in touch with us.

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