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2IC-Secon in Command of a CP team or next in line from TL

A&E-Accident & Emergency Department

AAD-Anti Ambush Drill

AC-Armoured Car

ACS-Approved Contractor Scheme

AES-Advanced Escort Section

AO-Area of Operations

APL-Approved Prior Learning

AS-Area of Safety

AST-Advanced Security Team

AW-Advanced Work


Buggs-Electronic Surveillance Device placed in a location to listen or record conversation


B-Vest-Ballistic Proof Vest

CCTV-Close Circuit Television

Client-The person who employs the services of CP

CMP-Counter Measures and Procedures

Contact-Stop all Radio traffic and listen(a problem) and wait for further instructions

COVOP-Covert Operations

CP-Close Protection

CPO-Close Protection Operative

CPRR-Covert personal role radio

CQB-Close Quater Battle

CV-Chase Vehicle

DOP-Drop off point

DOP`s-Deception Operations

DP-Danger point

ECM-Explosive Counter Measures

EEP-Entry exit point

ERV-Emergency Rendezvous

ES-Emergency Services

Ex REG-Someone who has been a former member of Special Forces

FA- First Aid

FBD-Fast Ball Deployment

FCPO-Female Close Protection Officer

FOXTROT-Phonetic Terminology for the Principal is walking about

GPS-Global Positioning System

HLS-Helicopter Landing State

IA-Immediate Action

IAD-Immediate Action Drill

IAP-Immediate Action Plan

IED-Improvised Explosive Device

INTREP-Intelligence Report

IS-International Security or In House Security

ISR-Intelligence Surveillance & Reconnaissance

LIFT-Stop Surveillance on SP

LZ-Landing Zone

MP-Military Police

NCS-Net Control Station

OP`s M-Operation Manager

OP`s ROOM-A room from which CP operations are conducted

OVOP-Overt Operations


PED-Personal Escort Detail

PES-Personal Escort Section

PJT-Private Jet Travel

POC-Point of Contact in order to inform the principal


PPA-Principal`s Personal Assistant

PPO-Personal Protection Operative

Principal-The person that is protected by the PPO

PRO-Public Relations Officer

PTP-Principal`s Threat Profile

PUP-Pick up point

PV-Principal`s Vehicle

RA-Risk Assessment

RL-Report Line

RST-Residental Security Team


SA-Situation Awareness

SAP-Security Advance Party

SF-Special forces(SAS/SBS/ DELTA ETC)

SH-Safe house

SIA-Security Industry Authority

SITREP-Situation Report

SOP-Standard Operational Procedures

SP-Subject PErson(the person under surveillance)

S-VEST-Stab Proof Vest

TA-Threat Assessment

TANGO-Phonetic Terminology For The Threat

TAPS-Electronic Surveillance Device Attached to a telephone

TCAT1-Threat category Virtually Certain

TCAT2-Threat Category Highly Probable

TCAT3-Threat Category Moderately Probable

TCAT4-Threat Category Less Probable

TCAT5-Threat Category Probability Unknown

TL-Team Leader

TOP-Type of Principal

TSCM-Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

VCP-Vehicle Check Point

VIP-Very Important Person

VOIED-Victim operated Improvised Explosive Device

VP-Vulnerable Point

VS-Venue Security

Walter-A CPO that boasts or generally lies in order to sustain the status of CPO(no confidentiality)