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First Person on Scene Intermediate ( FPOSi )

Our 3-Day First Person on Scene-Intermediate (FPOSi) will provide the students with a set of crucial life-saving skills, should they find themselves in a situation, where wounded individual requires help to prevent further endangering of life.

What makes us unique and different to other providers of FPOSi is that we really focus on real-life simulations. Therefore training to become an expert in Haemostasis, various types of wound dressings and how to safely transport injured person in various enviroments receive special attention during the course. Also expertly explored are new trends in medical equipment for team members and complete team medical equipment.

We believe that conducting variety of simulations of real-life tactical scenarios is the best way for the students to achieve the right mindset and type of reaction in any situation requireing clear mind and expert skillset.

NOTE: Our course complies with SIA (Security Industry Authority) requirements and meets the standards for First Aid response.


27 July - 29 July, 2021
6 August - 8 July, 2021
11 November - 13 November, 2021

Course duration & Methods

  • 3 Days | Theory & Practice drills
  • Real-Life Simulation scenarios

Topics covered

  • What is First Aid
  • Wound assesment
  • Seizures treatment
  • Bone, joint and muscle injuries
  • Treating and stopping of hemorrhage
  • Gunshot wounds treatment
  • Stab wounds treatment
  • Recognition of breathing problems
  • Recognition and treatment of choking
  • Ventilation Support
  • Cardio massage and ventilation
  • Casualty extraction by vehicle
  • Spinal injuries and immobilization
  • Transportation and connection with other medical entity
  • Heat / Cold effects on the human body (hypothermia and hyperthermia)
  • Allergic reactions
  • Burns and poisoning

Training facilities

As per training program requirements

Weapons used

  • Tourniquet ( different types)
  • Special bandages | Cravat, Israeli and others
  • Blood stopping consumatives
  • Coagulating consumatives
  • Oxygen mask
  • Medical packages
  • Stretcher
  • Specialized manequin|practice of CPR, artificial respiration techniques and other

Ammunition per student


Group required for course

Min 5 students

Prerequisite skills

None required


  • First Person on Scene Intermediate | FPOSi
  • The course is approved and complies with the SIA (Security Industry Authority) requirements and standards for First Aid.

Note: Alfa-Metal issued certificates are recognized worldwide by all reputable organisations and professionals in the security sector

Own equipment

Student to bring:

  • Suitable clothing
  • Comfortable shoes

Price and terms

  • € 300.00 per student
  • 30% Deposit required upon enlisting

  • Catering and accomodation not included
  • Payment method: Bank transfer

If you require us to conduct training in your country, get in touch with us.

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