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7 Day CQB (Close quarter battle) course


Surprise. Speed. Violence of Action. The three foundations CQB is based on. Together with those three however, proficient level of competency in firearms use and expert skills in certain tactics and techniques are mandatory for the successful execution of operations with minimum risk for the operatives.


Our CQB course is conducted under the instruction and supervision of Alfa-Metal instructors – active special operators with actual combat experience. During the 7 days of Alfa Metal CQB course, the students will be taught the essential need for speed, superior set of tactics and increased level of violence during execution in order to suppress the potential opponents and not give them the chance to respond efficiently.



Topics Covered:


1. CQB Introduction

2. Types of rooms and buildings

3. Movement as a team

4. Introduction to IED and Booby traps.

5. Advanced weapons manipulations.

6. Close proximity shooting concepts

7. Team communication

8. Casualty and evacuation drills

9. Off line shooting concepts

10. Methods of entry

11. Multiple weapons escalation and transitions

12. Selective target engagement and target discrimination

13. Advanced positional shooting concepts

14. High and low ready techniques to include the Sul technique

15. Shooting while moving techniques



Facility used: CQB simulation village & Outdoor shooting range

Weaponry used: Glock 17,CZ , SAR Аk47/Arsenal/, M4 carbine.

Number of students: minimum group of 5 students is required.


Certificate: Certificate for professional qualification “Security Officer” is awarded upon succesful completion along with Europass Supplement. Certificates awarded by Alfa-Metal are worldwide recognized by the professionals in the security industry.


Equipment required by the student: Appropriate clothing, comfortable shoes are recommended to be worn due to changing weather conditions depending on the season. Please also bring your own tactical belt and holster.


Price: € 1400.00 per person | Accomodation and food is not included.

Payment terms: Bank transfer | 30% deposit is required upon booking.

Предложените пакети не са окончателни и могат да бъдат промени съобразно изискванията и нуждите на клиента.
21 август 2021 - 27 август 2021
1400.00 €
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