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Pistol self-defence | Women class

Criminals often choose women as targets, thinking that women are weak and cannot defend themselves like a man would. Well, criminals cannot be further from the truth. This course will teach you how to constantly assess and evaluate your surroundings. This will help you avoid potential risk in your immediate vicinity and be ready to fight back if needed.

Students will be taught efficient techniques on how to decrease their at-risk level. Later they will also learn how to avoid confrontation and evade one.

Our instructors will also teach students various techniques on how to diffuse a potentialy dangerous situation. After that there will be instruction on how to apply sufficient level of violence to stop an attack with or without a firearm use.

Following the practice drills, students will also take part in training scenario. This will help them to evaluate their skills in a close to real life situation.

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1 April - 3 April, 2022
3 June - 5 June, 2022
2 September - 4 September, 2022

Course duration & Methods

3 Days: Theory and Practice drills

Topics covered

  • Legal side of firearms ownership.
  • Firearms carry techniques and concepts.
  • Evading confrontation and exit strategies.
  • Sights/No sights shooting techniques.
  • One hand shooting techniques.
  • Defensive positions shooting techniques.
  • Target evaluation and precision shooting.

Training facilities

Weapons used

  • Glock 17
  • CZ 75D Compact
  • Walther
  • Makarov

Note: Other brand/model handgun may also be used for training

Ammunition per student

  • According to training program requirements

Group required for course

Min 5 students

Prerequisite skills

No previous experience required


  • Professional qualification “Security Officer”
  • Vocational training – “ Practical Shooting”
  • Europass Supplement

Note: Alfa-Metal issued certificates are recognized worldwide by all reputable organisations and professionals in the security sector.

Own equipment

Student have to bring:

  • Suitable clothing depending on season
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Tactical belt
  • Holster

Price and terms

  • € 685.00 per student
  • 30% Deposit required upon enlisting

  • Catering and accomodation not included
  • Payment method: Bank transfer


1 April - 3 April, 2022
3 June - 5 June, 2022
2 September - 4 September, 2022

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