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VCQB | Vehicle Close Quarters Battle

Vehicle CQB is a a training program, focused on tactics and shooting technics, when weapon needs to be deployed in defensive situaition in or around a vehicle.

During training the sudents will be pushed to their limits with various tactical drills. Therefore, emphasis will be put on ways to carry weapon inside a vehicle; critical weapon deployment, when presented with a threat; engaging target from static or moving vehicle; finding the best cover in, around or under the vehicle; shooting through car windows; team tactics; evacuation procedures and many other.

Compared to other suppliers we put the main forcus on the action. The tactical shooting part of the course involves 600 rounds of 9x19mm. Such amount of ammunition will allow for every tactical scenario to be played so students can further perfect their tactical shooting skills.

Heavy focus is also given on tactical shooting techniques, specific to vehicles; planining and observation tactics as well as finding the best solution for any tactical situations sudents may come across in their line of duty.

The course is conducted under the supervision and instructions of instructors from the special forces units from Israel, Russia, USA, Bulgaria and others. Our instructors are experts in vehicle defensive tactics and offensive concepts and tactics. They also have vast experience in convoy/escort operations in both peaceful and high risk zones.

Come and train with us, become the Warrior you strive to be!

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9 May - 11 May, 2022
22 September - 24 September, 2022
16 November - 18 November, 2022

Course duration & Methods

3 Days | Theory & Practice drills

Topics covered

  • Safety rules
  • Weapon in vehicle | carry methods
  • Body stance when shooting
  • Shooting techniques R/L hand
  • Shooting through car windows
  • Shooting from vehicle
  • Shooting in vehicle
  • Correct use of vehicle as cover
  • Vehicle evacuation tactics
  • Specifics of team work
  • Ambush / Counter ambush drills

Training facilities

Weapons used

  • Glock 17
  • CZ 75D Compact
  • Walther
  • Makarov
  • Ak 47 (Arsenal)
  • M4 carbine

Ammunition per student

  • According to training program requirements

Group required for course

  • Min 5 students

Prerequisite skills

Intermediate competency level in use of firearms is required


  • Professional qualification “Security Officer”
  • Vocational training – “ Practical Shooting”
  • Europass Supplement

Note: Alfa-Metal issued certificates are recognized worldwide by all reputable organisations and professionals in the security sector.

Own equipment

Student to bring:

  • Suitable clothing depending on season
  • Comfortable shoes
  • Tactical belt
  • Holster
  • Safety Goggles
  • Track suit/Sports clothing

Price and terms

  • € 980.00 per student
  • 30% Deposit required upon enlisting

  • Catering | hotel accomodation are included in price
  • Two-way Aiport & internal transfers are included in price
  • Payment method: Bank transfer


9 May - 11 May, 2022
22 September - 24 September, 2022
16 November - 18 November, 2022

If you require us to conduct training in your country, get in touch with us.

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