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3-Day Weapon safety and basic marksmanship with Pistol


This course is designed for both weapon owners or the complete weapons novice.

The training will make you a more confident into pistol usage and handling.

Clients are instructed in the ability to handle weapons safely on both -the range and home

environment. Students will learn proper use of the sights and grip to ensure maximum

precision on the target. All aspects of proper safety and sound marksmanship skills will be

taught by a qualified safety instructor.


Topics :

Legality of weapons ownership.

Safe weapon and ammunition storage.

Safe loading and unloading procedures.

Proper stance and grip.

Proper sight aliment and trigger control.

Safe muzzle control and mechanical safeties.






Facility : tactical shooting range and polygon

Weaponry : Glock 17 , CZ 75D Compact , Walther , Makarov etc.

Ammunition : minimum of 450 rds per person , 9x19mm

Number of trainees : a minimum of 5 persons is required

Certificate :
a Certificate for professional qualification in the profession “Security Officer”, extended vocational training – “Shooting Preparation” , Europass Supplement, recognized in all EU countries

Equipment :
appropriate clothes due to the weather conditions and season , comfortable shoes, tactical belt, holster, sport tracksuit/clothes. .

Price of training course :
702 EUR per person ( in the price is not  included accommodation and catering services )

The payment can be made by bank transfer, a deposit is required , equal to 30%.




Any subject can be extended or reduced depending on the needs of the client. Courses which are listed as “optional courses” can be substituted by the client only after conferring with the facility .coordinator.
9 March 2020 - 11 March 2020
702 €
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25 June 2020 - 27 June 2020
702 €
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