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On 22.07.2017, Security and Training Consulting Ltd. organizes a one-day seminar at the range of ICSTPS Alfa Metal, near Gabrovo. The main purpose of the seminar is to prepare you for action, using your weapon in an extreme situation, in the conditions of the settlement. The theme of the seminar is:

“Effective use of firearms in urban environment”

Level: Short barrel weapon

We will also look at the popular this time concept EDC – Every Day Carry, as well as our event in Burgas.

The event will take place in two parts. The first one will have a theoretical-discussion form in which several topics will be addressed.

We are certain that the practical part is something absolutely different from what you have used to.

In order to optimize the organization, the registration for participation is ONLY in advance payment of 90 (ninety) BGN, by bank transfer, to the account of SECURITY AND TRADING CONSULTING OOD, as follows:


Reiffeisen Bulgaria – SWIFT: RZBBBGSF

Reason: Fee for seminar;

The fee includes a range rent, rent of weapons (if you don’t have 9×19 mm weapon), 50 rounds-9×19 , as well as other consumatives, targets, shooting equipment, certificates, etc. Participation in the workshop is provided for the use of weapons and ammunition provided by ICSTPS ALFA- METAL only in caliber 9x19mm.

The seminar is useful for both lovers and people whose professional life is related to the handling of firearms – officers of power agencies, self-help units, security officers, also for all those who plan to spend their summer vacation in the resorts on the Southern Black Sea coast.

The seminar is NOT suitable for people who:

Have no practical experience with weapons.

They do not have habits for working with shortcut rifles We specify that this is not a training or competition course, but a generally available form of acquiring new skills and / or upgrading and refining new ones. It is recommended to use certain equipment. Wear your personal weapon if you own, and three magazines. Safety glasses and earprotectors are required. If you don’t have may be Provided at the range. It is advisable to use knee bends.

The registration deadline is until 20.07.2017, included.

Do not hesitate to contact us on mobile phone + 359-888-269-224 or

e-mail: info@st-consulting.org.

You can check for more information about Semimar, both on the company’s website www.st-consulting.org and on our Facebook page.