Accomodation - Alfa Metal training center


Train. Eat. Rest. Repeat

Military style accomodation
30 m from the Tactical Shooting range


One of the things every student requires is accomodation and food during training. Offcourse, you are free to arrange those any way you see fit. There are plenty of hotels in the nearby town of Gabrovo and restaurants offering delicious food.

However, if you wish to be more adventurous and closer to the training grounds, you can apply to use our on-base accomodation in the form and shape of military baracks in immediate proximity to the Tactical range.


30 meters precisely. This is how far the Baracks are located from the tactical training grounds. Yes, it comes at additional cost but the whole accomodation is located in а calm and beautiful forest, where students can rest fully after day of hard training and won’t need to be transferred to their town hotel.

Swimming pool

Just beside the Barracks, there is also a swimming pool that students can use freely to cool down in their free time. If they have any, that is.


As with accomodation you can freely decide on where, how and what to eat, during your training with us.

If you wish us to arrange food for you, we can do that at additional cost. Just let us know, as simple as that.

The Range
Place to rest

We can arrange accommodation and catering at your request
If you wish us to do so on your behalf, please let us know

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