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CQB Village

Train hard. Bleed less.

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The Village

CQB or Close Quarters Battle ultimately means only one thing – Fighting at a close distance in restricted space. Therefore, our CQB (Close Quarters Battle) Village has unique design, allowing vast variety of training scenarios to be played.

Real-life drills

Does your team require training in breaching and entering? Or to practice room clearing drills? Regardless if you require training in Urban tactics; Breach and Enter; Evacuation or team tactics; this particular facility can offers all the necessary conditions and more.

Real-life drills

FX Simunition

Using our CQB Village in combination with our FX simunition equipment will allow your team to train as close to reality as possibly.

Train. Repeat.

Having CQB Village at your team disposal is invaluable opportunity to train as much as you need in order to perfect your team tactics, communication and other skills, used for the job. These tactical drills are of great help to High risk security Operators as Private military contractors (PMC), Elite police units and others.

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SOF Instructors
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