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Firearms & Equipment

The right equipment for every tactical assignment.


One more thing that makes us superior to the other providers of special training in te field of protection and security – we own our weapons and equipment. All of it.

That being said, we do not need to hire guns or gear in order to conduct your training. We have it all, here, at your disposal.

Vast range

Our students have the unique opportunity to use quite a range of of different weapon systems during their training.

We can offer huge variety of different types of short and long firearms to be used, depending on the training program.

Our students train with Glock, Sig Sauer, CZ, Makarov, M4, Ak-47, SVD, Steyr SSG, Blaser, Benelli to name but a few.

FX Simunition

ICSTPS Alfa Metal can also offer training with FX Simunition, which is famous for being the perfect training system for real-life scenarios. The non-lethal system enable the students to re-enact shooting situations at close distance as close as possible to real life.

The patented non-lethal ammunition leaves water-soluble color markings, thus allowing evaluation of the students performance after training is done.

Using this system will provide your team with the best way to see what you are made of!


It’s clear that tactical training and shooting are a no-go without the right equipment. You obviously cannot be wearing a t-shirt and go for a night Ops mission. Well, you can but thats another story.

So, apart from the vast range of firearms we have in our armory we also own huge amount of various tactical equipment as well.

Thanks to our strategic partnerships, our students are equipped with plate carriers and helmets manufactured and supplied by Mars Armor, night vission and thermal vission goggles by Opticoelectron and Optix, as well as the latest models of Ak-47, supplied to us by Arsenal.

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