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Lecture halls

Theory. Then Practice.

lecture hall 2
FPOSi theory lecture underway
lecture hall 1
Academic and friendly athmosphere

Why Theory?

Every high-end security and protection operative knows that before running and gunning down the range there is the mandatory theory side of things.

Every training program we offer has a theory part that is necessary for the students to go through in order to be best prepared for the practical part of the course.

Lecture Halls

The theoretical part of the training and the individual classes, are held in the lecture halls located at the ICSTPS Alfa Metal training center.


The Lecture Halls are fully equipped with laptop computers, video projectors, audio and video equipment and all other necessary modern multimedia equipment.


Our students constantly have everything at their disposal as needed to concentrate and absorb all the knowledge during the lectures conducted by their instructors.

lecture hall 3
Laptop for every student
lecture hall 6
Clean and tidy halls

We can arrange accommodation and catering at your request
If you wish us to do so on your behalf, please let us know

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