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Obstacle running course

Pain is nothing. Progress is everything.

water obstacle
Water obstacle
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Are you ready?
net climbing
Net climbing

The Course

Entirely based on US SWAT training system, the Obstacle Running Course (OTC) offers variety of obstacles to challenge the students and test their level of endurance, speed and overall fitness.


The course consists of obstacles to challenge the trainees skills in climbing, Crawling, Swimming, running and the most important, Team work.

The Challenge

The sтуdents will be pushed to the limits of their mental and physical strengths, that we can guarantee!

Why do it

Using the Obstacle Running course is a common training practice to check on and improve endurance and physical readiness for Security and Protection operatives.

Running the course will radically increase your stamina, will get your blood boiling and will make you the fitness machine you dream to be.

Go hard.

Or don’t go at all.

It is a well-known fact, that good physical performance is one of the mandatory requirements for professionals in the Security and Protection industry.

Our Obstacle Training course is definitely an important addition to ICSTPS Alfa Metal training programs. It will greatly the physical endurance and strength of the students, along with building teamwork skills and camaraderie.

rope climbing
Rope climbing
obstacle jumping
Excelling under the watchful eye of the Instructor

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