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Outdoor shooting range

Speed is fine. Accuracy is final.

Outdoor Tactical shooting range

The Range

The Outdoor Tactical shooting range is fully equipped to accept the even most challenging shooting drills. With area of 17 000 Sq.m and its unique design, the range allows up to 15 people to train in teams of 5 in separate locations within its boundaries.

the Shooting range It is constantly maintained and upgraded so it can offer the necessary conditions for any practical ot tactical drill to be executed by our clients.

Range equipment

We have vast range of differetn weapon systems, FZ Simunition and almost any type of target you can think of.

We have at our disposal target of every type, static and moving so we can ensure the execution of any tactical drills.

Training options

Our guarantee – We will make sure you have exactly the right conditions for any tactical drills you want to train for.

Tactical shooting


We currently offer the following targets:

  • Steel targets
  • Mini poppers
  • Big poppers
  • Chest targets small/big
  • Collapsing targets
  • Targets horizontal хоризонтала
  • Turning & Collapsing electrical targets
  • Wooden covers for shooting from cover form different positions 3 Big and 2 small
  • Net screen

Shooting under stress


All training sessions are conducted under the supervision and the instructions of highly qualified SOF instructor to ensure safe environment at all times during training.

Snow? What snow?

We can arrange accommodation and catering at your request
If you wish us to do so on your behalf, please let us know

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