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14 Years
Commitment and constant strive for Excellence

We at ICSTPS Alfa Metal believe, that special training can only be conducted with the guidance of instructors with proven combat experience. Therefore, experts in their field, proven professionalists, who haven taken active part in combat missions at modern warfare theaters.

This is the reason we work with instructors from countries like Israel, Russia, Unites States, Bulgaria, United Kingdom and others. All our instructors are former and active members of special operations units such as; Alfa Antiterror Russia; Special Air Service (SAS); US Navy SEALs; S.W.A.T; IDF; 68 Brigade Special operations; Marine Corp., Krapoviy Beret, Green Berrets to name but a few.

This is how, along with our unique training facilites we guarantee the superior training our students deserve. Come see for yourself!

Our Instructors

If you require us to conduct training in your country, get in touch with us.

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