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Joseph Alvarez
Joseph Alvarez
Senior Instructor
  • S.W.A.T
  • US Marine Corps
  • Special Operations Command | U.S. Army and Texas National Guard

  • Full Bio below

  • Bachelor Degree in Criminal Justice
  • Law Enforcement at South West Texas State University(Pending)

Last assignement - Euro Bank / Greece
  • Senior instructor for VIP and facility protection details tasked with physical security of key Euro Bank assets.
  • Coordinator and Trainer for Surveillance Detection Teams providing security to Euro Bank facilities within the Athens area of operation.
  • Analyst for threat assessments to facilities utilized by Euro Bank administrators.
  • Shooting and Driving Instructor responsible for implementing phased training from 2005 to current.
  • Advisor and Trainer for certifying Euro Bank Security Personnel for the position of weapons instructors and safety officers.
Previous assignements
  • 2 yrs Security US Nuclear weapons base Heilbronn, Germany. U.S. Army.
  • 12 yrs Special Operations Command, U.S. Army and Texas National Guard.
  • 2 yrs Counter Narcotics Operations Texas National Guard, US.
  • 3 yrs MTT Anti Terrorist Assistance Program I. T. I. –US State Department.
  • 2 yrs MTT Armor Group N. America – US Dept of Defense.
  • 10 yrs Independent International Contractor Instructor and Operator.

2006 – 2012 LATSIS – LaMDA GROUP GR.

  • Analyst of routes and residences of the Latsis family and administrators.
  • Shooting and Driving Instructor for escorts of Latsis and Lamda Group VIP’s.
  • Advisor and Trainer for certifying Latsis / Lamda Group Security Personnel to the position of weapons instructors and safety officers.

2012 – 2013 KGI –CZECH REPUBLIC( Project Ended)

  • Middle East Regional Director – Responsible for business coordination and operations implementation for projects in Kurdishstan Iraq.
  • Senior Instructor for VIP and Facility protection projects connected within the cities of Mosul, Erbil and Kirkuk.
  • Senior instructor / team leader for counter piracy operators and operations deploying to Red Sea, Indian Ocean, and Somalian Basin.
  • Senior Instructor for Athens City Unity College Greece in collaboration with KGI Training Department.

2008 – 2012 SALAMACA RISK UK

  • Contract Protection Officer of BBC media personnel during Athens Greece Riots 2008 to 2010.
  • Contract Protection Officer of European Broadcasting Union media personnel deployed too Egypt and Libya during the 2011 Revolutions.
  • Contract team leader for armed security escorts for counter piracy operations Red Sea, Indian Ocean and Somalia Basin.


  • Contract team leader for armed and unarmed escorts for counter piracy operations.
  • Writer for maritime security standard operating procedures.
  • Writer and trainer of ROE’s for armed security operators deployed to Indian Ocean.
  • Analyst for physical security fabrications for vessels transiting the Indian Ocean.
  • Curriculum writer for counter piracy operations school Athens Greece.

2007 – 2008 Bank of Greece

  • Evasive Driving instructor for facility protection and money transfer personnel.
  • Weapons instructor for armed security personnel.
  • Contract instructor for VIP protection detail tasked with over watch of administrators, and other members of the Bank of Greece organization.


  • Contract instructor for Department of Defense, Force Protection Agency.
  • Senior instructor for Surveillance Detection Training, Bus Attendant Program.
  • Locations and countries deployed to: –Turkey, Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, Bahrain.
  • 2004 – Olympic Games Greece. ATHOC – Athens Olympic Committee:
  • Senior Instructor for Greek National Police Force, Olympic VIP protection programs.


  • Primary clientele: State and federal agencies, military and corporate American.
  • Instructor for facility to facility quality control program. Texas, Virginia, Mexico.
  • US State Department Drivers Training Program for US Government Mission Abroad.
  • Drivers received from: Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, Mexico, Great Britain.
  • Senior Instructor for both weapons and evasive drivers training courses.
  • Senior instructor for Surveillance Detection Program.
  • Assigned trainer for Surveillance Detection training as part of a pre-deployment package for US military and government personnel.

2001 – 2004 I.T.I /US State Department Anti-Terrorist Assistance Program (ATA)

  • Senior instructor for a 3-week program for host country nationals. Trained host country police in surveillance detection techniques in support of US Embassies and Consulates security systems.
  • Deployed: Botswana, Djibouti, Yemen, Oman, Colombia, Greece, Thailand, Malaysia, Ethiopia.
  • Trainer of Surveillance Detection Instructors as a pre-deployment phase for State Department ATA program.
Instructor experience & certificates
  • Training exchange- Germany, 85-86 (France, England, Germany).
  • Assistant Rappel Master Instructor 2nd RGR BN, 87- 88.
  • Instructor / Grader EIB competitions 2nd RGR BN, 87.
  • Rappel Master and Small Arms Instructor/ Range Operator III Corp.,88-01.
  • Foreign Soldiers Exchange, 93 and 99 (Czech Republic, Singapore).
  • Selection and Training NCO for Surveillance Operations 95 – 01.
  • Intelligence liaison to LRSU teams, 95-99 5 Corp./3 Corp.
  • Small Arms Instructor and Range Operators Certification 94.
  • Range Instructor – LRSU Company 95 to 01
  • ITI Counter Terrorist Driving Instructors Certification 2001
  • Weapons Instructor – European Parliamentary One Pass System 2011 to 2019
Training & Certificates
  • Basic Military and Advanced Infantry Training 1985
  • Site Security Counter Terrorist Course, 1986 and 1987
  • Bomb Detection and Vehicle Search Procedures 1987
  • Foreign Weapons Training / Urban Warfare Training 1987
  • Airborne School and Ranger Indoctrination Program 1987
  • Jungle Operations Training Course 1988
  • Scout Swimmer Training 1988
  • Long Range Surveillance Course 1990
  • Counter Tracking Course TX. A&M Extension Services 1992
  • Intermediate and Advanced SWAT – Dallas/Houston 1992-93
  • Combat Life Saver and Tactical Paramedics Course 1993
  • Advanced Counter Narcotics 1993
  • Technical Search Operations for Meth Labs 1993
  • Small Boat Operations and Water Infiltration Course 1993
  • Advanced and Technical Surveillance 1995
  • Airlift Load Planners USAF 1996
  • Survival Skills Training 1996
  • Hostage Negotiation Course 1998
  • Bondurant High-Performance Driving Course 2003
  • Virginia International Raceway Evasive Driving Course 2004
  • Senior Instructor – Driving, Shooting, Surveillance ITI, Armor Group 2001 to 2005.
  • Suarez Pistol, Shot Gun and Self Defense 2009
  • Sea mans Book – 2010 /STCW 95 – Athens GR 2012 /First Aid for Sea Farers 2012

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