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Ryan Dylle
Ryan Dylle
  • Country of residence – USA
  • Specialized defence – Barett .50 & AP-10–.308 | DynCorp Intl. Kabul Afghanistan
  • S.W.A.T Instructor
  • VIP’s exctraction | High Risk Areas specialist (United Nations, Regional Operational Support Unit, Kosovo, Europe)

  • Full Bio below

Ryan Dylle has more than 19 years of experience in the security field. He began his career at the US Coast Guard in 1994. He then worked in the field of Emergency Medical Assistance, and at the same time he became a member of the Fire Brigade, continuing his First responders education.

Ryan first became Deputy Sheriff in 1997, graduated from the Police Academy in Michigan and became a certified Police Officer. He was promoted to an investigator later and became part of the SWAT team in 2003. Ryan became an instructor and taught in law enforcement. He was part of the Disaster Rescue Team after the September 11, 2001, New York incident, as well as Hurricane Catherine, where he served as the Security and Safety Officer for New Orleans.

In 2006, Ryan is employed by the United Nations (UN) Police in Kosovo. He began his fieldwork and was subsequently appointed as Deputy Supervisor of more than 160 staff, involved in locating and deterring terrorist attacks in the Mitrovica region. His duties included personal security, as well as hand-to-hand work with the UN authorities.

From 2008 to 2013, he worked in Afghanistan as a Personal Security Specialist and Security Guard at VIP Security in the Kabul and Kandahar regions. Instructor for training of SWAT tactics, hostage rescue and short range attacks as well as many other tactics. He was then assigned to train a specialized staff dealing with Personal Security and Security measures to ensure the safety of the VIP’s and was also responsible for the safe movement of the troops in Afghanistan.

Subsequently, he worked as Manager of the Safety and Security Teams and also manager of the Safety and Security Training Department. Most of his work has been used and published in the Curriculum, Workplace Policy, and Security Operations Procedures proposed by several organizations currently operating in Afghanistan.

He received the highest prize for “Driver with Character”.

Training & Certificates
  • Operational Security Operator for Groups or Individuals (PSD Certified – DynCorp Intl., Kabul, Afghanistan)
  • Specialized defense / defensive shooter (Barett .50 and AP-10 – .308, DynCorp Intl., Kabul, Afghanistan)
  • VIP’s exctraction from High Risk Areas (United Nations, Regional Operational Support Unit, Kosovo, Europe)
  • Counter-riots and uprisings and Tactics to prevent them. (French Gendarmerie, Regional Operational Support Unit, Kosovo, Europe)
  • Counter-riots and uprisings and Tactics for Intervention (Polish Special Parties, Kosovo, Europe)
  • MCOLES Police Certification (Kalamazo Valley, Municipal College, Kalamazo, Michigan)
  • Crisis Intervention (Lake State University, Consortium, Saul, Sate, Marie, Michigan)
  • Interview and Interview Techniques (Rade and Associates, Chicago, Illinois)
  • Child Forensic Interviews Techniques(Association of Prosecutors, Makiniak, Isle)
  • Special Weapons and Special Tactics course (Various Trainers, St. Ignati, Michigan)
  • Security  Officer Maritime Law Certification (Michigan Sheriff Association, Hawk Lake, Michigan)
  • Anti-Rebellion Activity (COIN), Training of Trainers (American Army – COIN Training Center)
  • Arms Manipulation Qualifications – (M-4, M-9, 240B, M249, AK47), DynCorp Intl & Intl FZ
  • QUAD (Fast Deployment for Active Trained Shooters (Michigan State Police 2002-2005)
  • Medical Technician – Intermediate
  • Medical Technical Specialist – Basic
  • Primary medical care license
  • Tactical care for injuries during combat
  • ACAS Savior in Military Actions
  • Tactical emergency medical assistance in law enforcement
  • Firefighter Certificate First Level
  • Wildlife Medicine
Instructor certificates
  • Instructor for operational protection of groups or individual clients
  • Instructor for specialized defense / defense shooters
  • Instructor for JFOB Risk Assessment
  • Instructor for tactical care for injuries during combat
  • Instructor for moving cars in a convoy in High Risk Areas
  • Qualification course for an international instructor
  • Firearms / Firearms / Carbine M-4
  • Instructor for work and firearm shooting / Gun M-9
  • Firearms / Firearms / M249 / M240B Cartridges
  • Instructor for Firearms / Sniper M99 Barrett 50Cal
  • Instructor for firearms / Reminngton 870
  • Instructor – Completed training safety instructor course during field training.
  • Instructor for handling and detecting improvised explosive devices / “penetrating” explosive devices / projectiles, unexploded ammunition obsolete)
  • Instructor – Detection of Threat Detection and Detection
  • Instructor – Searching for vehicles for explosives
  • Instructor – Convoy operations
  • Instructor – Behavior in Combat Situations
  • Instructor – Armored Vehicle Operations and Defense / Defense Driving
  • Instructor – Use of a teaser and physical force
  • US instructor for conducting operations with high-pass vehicles and snowmobiles

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