CAT Tactical Counter Assault Team


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CAT Tactical Counter Assault Team
Many high-profile VIP Close protection organizations upgrade their security packages with the presence of a Counter Assault team (CAT).

These teams consist of expertly trained and heavily armed aggressive individuals. The CAT team main main task is to oppose and eliminate any violent threat directed to their Principal.

With the whole set of CAT tactics based around the Violence of action, these specially trained units strongly focus their strategy and training on direct offensive action strategy and techniques.

Therefore, Our 7 Day Counter Assault Team (CAT) course will steadily increase the exercises intensity and speed. By the end of the training the speed will reach the level at which trained CAT unit operates. The training program will ultimately provide the students with the necessary training to become a member of Tactical CAT Unit. Also tactical shooting drills, deployment of different tactics depending on situation are significant part of the itinerary.

Upon successful completion, every student will have the skills and confidence to execute professionally any task, assigned to the Tactical CAT unit.

This training program is suitable for Private Military Contractors (PMC), Highly reputable Government Authorities and experienced members of the Army and the Police. CAT teams are built out of heavily armed operators, whose main task is to counter with force and eliminate any hostile threat against the VIP they protect.

The course is led and supervised by highly qualified Alfa-Metal instructors, extremely well trained with
combat experience in modern warfare theaters and members of Special Operations teams from Bulgaria, Israel, Russia, United States and others.

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10-16 March 2022, 10-16 August 2022, 12-17 September 2022


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