CQB Close Quarter Battle


Level: (advanced)


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CQB Close Quarter Battle
Surprise. Speed. Violence of Action.

The three main foundations, on which successfully conducted CQB is based.

In addition to those critical qualities, every trained operator need to possess an array of superior tactical skills, which are mandatory for a successful completion of the operation, combined with minimum risk to the team.

During this 7 Day course, the operators will be trained in certain number of tactical skills. Particular attention is given to the obtaining of tactical shooting skills in different situations, understanding of the advantage of speed applied during the operation and the need of overpowering firepower.

The Simulation drill scenarios, which are included in the course are professionally designed to rigorously test and consolidate the skills, acquired during the training.

The course is led and supervised by highly qualified Alfa-Metal instructors, extremely well trained with combat experience in
modern warfare theaters and members of Special Operations teams from Bulgaria, Israel, Russia, United States and others.

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17-23 January 2022, 16-22 July 2022, 22-28 October 2022


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