Maritime Security Operative | 3 Days


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Maritime Security Operative | 3 Days course has been created for professionals, willing to apply their skills in the Maritime security sector.

Despite the fact that Piracy has passed its peak, pirate attacks still happen every now and then. Therefore highly skilled MSO’s are still in high demand.

To be able to provide such speacialists, we have designed our course in accordance with the international standards for the industry.

The training routine is rigorous and contains variety of specialized tactical drills. They include but are not limited to Tactical shooting; procedures on the vessel; rules of engagement during pirate attack; evacuation to Citadel and others.

Simulation scenario and shooting from a moving vessel simulator are also included t test trainee’s skills.

Our instructors are combat tested individuals with vast experience in Maritime security. They have had numerous deployments in the Bay of Aden and other hot zones.

To achieve the desired results, the instructors will push students to their limits. However, it all comes with guarantee for superior set of tactical skills and profound knowledge on the specifics of Maritime security profession.

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31 May-2 June 2022, 27-29 August 2022, 3-5 October 2022, 1-3 December 2022


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