PMC Private Military Contractor


Level: (advanced)


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PMC Private Military Contractor course is designed for members of the Military and civilians, willing to work in this particular profession. In relation to that, every professional can confirm that operations in High-Risk environments demand for an array of special skills to be posessed.

Proficiency in tactical shooting, Reconnaissance skills, Concepts of and abilities to organize an attack or defense are just part of the necessary qualities needed. This is why our course offers the unique opportunity for you to further refine your skill set on the topics as outlined below in the Alfa Metal training program.

We know that students need to be trained by the best. This is why the whole training is led and supervised by highly qualified Alfa-Metal instructors, extremely well trained with combat experience in modern warfare theaters and members of Special Operations teams from Bulgaria, Israel, Russia, United States and others.

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7-13 February 2022, 11-17 April 2022, 2-7 September 2022, 14-20 October 2022, 19-25 November 2022


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