Tactical Pistol & Carbine


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Tactical Pistol & Carbine course ads drastically to the improvеment of the shooting and tactical skills of military operators, members of government agencies, civilians and others who have preliminary training to handle and use pistol and carbine.

This course will teach the students to correctly transition from primary to secondary weapon so they can execute tasks in a professional manner.

Students will go through a sequence of tactical exercises, such as tactical shooting from static position and during movement, movement techniques and others.

The whole training is led and supervised by highly qualified Alfa-Metal instructors, extremely well trained with combat experience in modern warfare theaters and members of Special Operations teams from Bulgaria, Israel, Russia, United States and others.

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4-6 March 2022, 23-25 May 2022, 3-5 November 2022, 29 November – 1 December 2022


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