TAT Tactical Assault Team


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TAT Tactical Assault Team course is designed for Military personnel, government agents, protection agents and others, willing to work and perform protection duties in High Risk areas.

Before beginning of training, students will be evaluated and will need to show that they posses above average level of handling and use of primary and secondary weapon. If students do not posses those skills at the requested level, they will need to complete certain training, prior to finishing the TAT course.

In relation to that, our course is primarily focused on the trained simulation scenarios who are played out to verify the skills acquired by the students.

Our instructors are highly qualified and extremely well trained with combat experience in modern warfare theaters. They have developed specifically designed methodology to be applied during training. Using this methodology drastically helps for the team to work easier together and understand the point of teamwork, something that is of extreme importance to the successful execution of the task at hand.

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21-27 February 2022, 20-26 June 2022


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