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Terms of use

Оutlined below are the Terms of Use, which every visitor should agree with prior to browsing and using any services and/or products as offered on www.alfa-metal.com

The following Terms of Use are mandatory for both www.alfa-metal.com and its visitors in accordance with the relevant laws in the Republic of Bulgaria.

Every visitor, who has purchased products or services from www.alfa-metal.com will be considered to have agreed to the Terms of use, prior to using this website.

www.alfa-metal.com is a website owned by:

  • ICSTPS Alfa-Metal Ltd
  • Company Reg. No 107580101
  • Address: 3 Stefan Karadzha, Gabrovo 5300 Bulgaria

www.alfa-metal.com offers to its customers the opportunity to browse, choose and sign up for training courses in the following ways:

  • Sign up through e-form on the website
  • Sign-up via a phone call to the office
  • Sign-up via email to office@alfa-metal.com

Registered users are giving access to their personal data voluntarily as it is mandatory to be used for the registration process.

In accordance with laws concerning storing and use of personal data all registered users with www.alfa-metal.com have right to access, their data, apply changes and delete it together with the account they have with www.alfa-metal.com

www.alfa-metal.com have the right to send messages to its users via email in the form of electronic newsletter with information about promotions, new products and services.

Registered users have the right to deny receipt of such messages. They can do so by following the link at the bottom of the message they have received from www.alfa-metal.com

www.alfa-metal.com do not have the right to disclose personal data of its users to third parties. The personal data consisting of names, address, phone number, email and others will only be used for the purposes of processing user’s requests, orders and training arrangements.

www.alfa-metal.com is storing cookies and log files for the purpose of improving customers experience on the website, quality of offered services. This data is only used for improving of quality of services and are not shared with thirf parties.

The whole information published on www.alfa-metal.com is exclusive property of the company owner of the website, inclusive of images, text, descriptions and others.

www.alfa-metal.com may not be held responsible for images and text send by third parties.

Products – until the moment product is received by a customer it continues to be sole property of www.alfa-metal.com

www.alfa-metal.com is granting the right to other websites and users to publish links to www.alfa-metal.com. Copying of text, images and other information and publishing in other websites and social channels may be done only after the explicitly stated written agreement by www.alfa-metal.com OR by quoting the source of the information by the following way:

Source of information: www-alfa-metal.com

www.alfa-metal.com may not be held responsible for content placed on websites that are not affiliated or being part of www.alfa-metal.com. www.alfa-metal.com cannot be expected to track down and report websites who placed links to us and post pornographic, racist or any other illegal content according to the laws in the Republic of Bulgaria on their web pages. Any user who have come across such activity is obliged to report it to www.alfa-metal.com so we can remove the link to the particular website.

Advertised prices on the www.alfa-metal.com are in BGN and Euro. Every order comes with an invoice issued by the company owner of www.alfa-metal.com. Terms of payment, delivery and refund are stated on Rules of Participation page.

www.alfa-metal.com have the right to change its Terms of Use policy at any time without giving prior notice. New Terms of Use and any changes to them are in force from the moment they get published on this page.

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