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Rules of participation

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Rules to register and participate in Alfa-Metal training programs


  • Terminology

The terms in this document have the following meaning:

  1. Training – paid educational or training event of closed type, organized and conducted by the Organizer and dedicated to certain number of registered participants.
  2. Training candidate – an individual who wants to participate in training organized by the Organizer
  3. Registered participant/participant – customer who has proceed to:
    1. Register to participate in the course;
    2. Paid the course fee according to the Organizer’s terms;
    3. Have confirmed his participation on the course according to the Organizer’s terms;
  4. Organizer – International centers for special training for protection and security | ICSTPS Alfa-Metal.
  5. Valid information – information published by the Organizer on in relation to the particular event.
  6. Legal conditions – Applicable laws, covering the territory of the Republic of Bulgaria and everything in relation to company activities.

Rules of Participation

Rules to participate in an event organized by the Organizer are as follows:

  • Registration to participate in the event via e-form at or by sending request to
  • Processed payment of the fee for the course
  • Confirmation for participation sent to

Procedure and Rules for registration

  • Every training candidate can sign up for training with
  • In order to register successfully, the training candidate have to submit the required information in full and to confirm his/her understanding on the terms of participation.
  • The Organizer may not be held responsible for issues and problems, result from submitted wrong or untruthful information by the candidate. For an example, the candidate cannot pretend for not receiving updates on other information is the contact details submitted by him/her are not correct.
  • The Organizer is entitled to refuse registration for training if the required information is not complete or is wrong. The Organizer is not obliged to contact the Candidate in order to inform him/her.
  • The Organizer is reserving the right to cancel the registration without giving reasons or the cancellation.

Payment of training course fees

  1. 30% Deposit is due or payment upon signing up for the course.
  2. The Organizer accepts methods of payment as follows:
  • Bank transfer
  • Credit/Debit card
  • The Candidate must present his personal information as stated in the Sign-Up form, together with proof for date of payment.
  • Information about payment may be found on The Organizer will issue and send to the candidate a proforma invoice for the deposit payment to be processed. Following to that will be an Invoice for the full payment.
  • The Organizer may not be held responsible if the stated reason for payment by the candidate do not allow identification. To evade such issue, the Candidate should state the registration code received at the time of signing up for the course. In case the candidate is requesting individual training, the minimum required information from the candidate is name and surname, course name and starting date.
  • The candidate is obliged to present proof for payment and to show it to the Organizer prior to training commencement if necessary.
  • The Organizer have the right to refuse training to any candidate who is able to show proof of payment but lacks full information according to condition 2 and 3.
  • On Registered participant request, the invoice will be issued at the end of training and emailed to email address or posted to physical address, both stated by the participant.
  • The Organizer reserves its right to make changes to training schedule, process and any other changes as he sees fit during training sessions.

Cancellation by the Organizer

  1. The Organizer reserves his right to change or fully cancel training course up to 3 (three) days prior to its starting date without being obliged to state the reason for the cancellation.
  2. If such cancellation occurs the Organizer have to inform the registered participants in due time so they are aware of the changes in schedule.
  3. Informing the registered participants is done via:
  • E-mail – as stated at the time of registration;
  • Telephone – as stated at the time of registration;
  • Publishing relevant information on

4. In case the training is cancelled by the Organizer, the registered participant is offered to options:

  • Option 1 – Reversed transfer of the Fee back to the participants bank account from the which the fee was payed;
  • Option 2 – Safekeeping of the paid fee by the Organizer and taking the training course at later date;
  • If the registered participant chooses Option 2, then the Organizer is obliged to inform the candidate of the later date for the training course;

Cancellation by the registered participant

  1. The registered participants have the right to cancel the training, they have signed-up for.
  2. Training cancellation is stated in writing (written letter to office address of the Organizer or E-mail to
  3. In case of cancellation by the registered participant, he/she have the right to:
  • Claim 100% of the paid amount, but not later than 28 days prior to course commencing date.
  • Claim 50% of the paid amount, but not later than 7 days prior to course commencing date.
  • The registered participant is obliged to pay in full for the training course IF cancellation is submitted later than 7 days prior to course commencing date.
  • Regardless of the date cancellation has been submitted by the registered participant, both sides have the right to negotiate potential safekeeping of the paid amount, so registered participant can take part in the same or other training course at a later date. If successful negotiation result is achieved it is to be considered binding part of to the initially signed contract. In case the registered participant submit cancellation for the second agreed date he/she loses the right to negotiate again as well as the amount already paid.
  • In case of cancellation by a registered participant, if he/she is part of team training course, the price for other group members may increase to cover the losses for the Organizer. If the cancellation is submitted by the registered participant AFTER him/her not following the outlined procedures, the participant will lose his/her entitlement to refund. The registered participant will also be considered AWOL and will lose the right to negotiate later date for training..

Force Majeure

  1. There may be conditions, which may forbid training course to take place. Such conditions are inclusive but not limited to:
  • Act of God
  • Riots
  • Terror acts
  • Civil unrest
  • Civil war
  • Fires
  • Flooding
  • Epidemic
  • Pandemic
  • Freak accidents
  • Other reasons that are not under the control of the Organizer
  • If any of the above occur, the Organizer reserve his right to postpone the training events for a later date and to safekeep already processed payments by the registered participants.

Training Principles and Procedures

Training principles, procedures and instructions during training are mandatory and are to be followed strictly by the participants. During training the registered participant must:

  1. Listen, understand and comply with the instructions as given by the instructor and the Organiser’s personell;
  2. Know and comply with fire safety rules as stated on the training grounds and facilities;
  3. Not consume alcohol during training;
  4. Not smoke apart from designated smoking areas;
  5. Not use narcotic substances and drugs of any kind apart from ones prescribed from a doctor and with receipt to show as a proof;
  6. Have professional attitude and being courteous to fellow trainees; show respect and not interrupt training sessions in any way;
  7. Comply and not question instructions given by the Instructor during training;
  8. The Organizer reserves his right to cancel training for any participant, who is refusing to comply with any of the above conditions;
  9. Participants not complying with conditions 2, 3, 5 will have their training cancelled and will lose their right to refund.
  10. All registered participants are financially liable to any damages that may occur to property, equipment and other assets due to negligence on their part during training.
  11. The Organizer may not be held responsible for damaged, lost, forgotten or stolen goods, property of the participants during training and their stay at the base.
  12. Every registered participant is obliged to inform immediately the instructor of any situation that may endanger the life and health of the other participants during the training.


  1. Valid prices for the training courses are published on
  2. The Organizer have the right to offer individual discount at his discretion to an individual or a group.
  3. The discount is not applied automatically. Discount may be granted on recommendation basis, when a candidate brings another candidate for training. If the second candidate signs up for a training then the one who brought him in may apply for a discount to the Organizer.
  4. The Organizer may not be responsible for prices, published by third parties and different that the ones stated at


  1. All complaints by the participants are considered submitted, when made in writing to the Organizer’s office address OR via email to
  2. A complaint is considered successful if the candidate have received a confirmation by the the Organizer via post or email to the addresses as stated by the candidate but not later than 14 days prior the course commencement date.
  3. No complaints will be considered if received after the14th day prior to training
  4. Complaints may be considered, only if received prior to the 14-day period.
  5. The candidate will be informed on the decision about his/her complaint via email OR post to the addresses as stated by him/her

Other conditions

  1. All legal matters that may need to be solved before, during and after the registered participant have taken part in the training are to taken to the relevant court in the Republic of Bulgaria.
  2. The personal information, provided by the participant, will be collected and stored, according to the Data Protection act with lawfully registered safe keeper ICSTPS Alfa Metal.
  3. The participant have the right to access, review, and change and delete his personal data together with his account with ICSTPS Alfa-Metal.
  4. The Organizer have the right to change any of the terms on this page. Any changes should be considered in force at the time of them being published on this page.
  5. The participant have the right to withdraw from a contract if not satisfied with changes and procedures within 7 days from the date of changes being published on
  6. Any correspondence with the participant is considered genuine only if conducted to and from the address/email/phone as stated by the participant during registration for training.
  7. The participant is responsible for maintaining of up-to-date information about its registration and contact details. If not, the participant will lose its right to complaint and any claims to the Organizer.
  8. The Organizer may not be responsible to initiate contact and correspondence with the participant if wrong contact information is supplied.
  9. Correspondence sent by the Organizer to the last known address of the participant is considered successfully delivered after 14 days from the date of it being sent.

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