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ICSTPS Alfa-Metal Ltd. is internationally recognized company, specialized in providing of practical, hands-on special training for security and protection professionals.

Where we are

Based in Bulgaria, which joined the European Union back in 2007, we have been part of the European community ever since.

Proven experience

With impeccable reputation of worldwide-recognized leader in special training, the company can also offer security and protection operatives for variety of roles within the Security and protection industry.


ICSTPS Alfa Metal issued certificates are internationally recognized and guarantee utmost level of professionalism of their holder.


SOF Instructors


Training grounds




Weapons & Gear


Upcoming courses



ICSTPS Alfa Metal offer courses that will train the students on every aspect of the roles, within the Security and Protection sector.

The training courses will provide the student with the skills and the expertise to react to, navigate and survive every situation in the course of duty.

Our students are inseparable part of our reputation. Therefore we can say that our reputation resembles our integrity and we do not compromise on it. Ever.

Upcoming Courses

Close Protection Operative (CPO)

Course dates:
1 November - 10 November, 2021

Basic Rifle/Carbine training

Course dates:
25 April - 27 April, 2022

Tactical Assault Team (TAT)

Course dates:
20 June - 25 June, 2022
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    "Once again, we truly thank your company very much for great experiences and kindness. I hope to visit Bulgaria again and try another courses one day."

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  • Guarentee for your success


    "Very nice training area, facilities, and instructor. It was my first weapon training class, but I would recommend Alfa Metal to any other beginners. I thank Alfa Metal for good training, and good memories."


  • Guarantee for your success


    "The memories of Bulgaria and Alfa-Metal are unforgettable. Everyone was friendly and nice I want to be trained in Alfa -Metal again. Once again thank you so much! Благодаря. Обичам АЛФА-МЕТАЛ."


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